Tuti Scott

Gender Avenger

Changemaker Strategies

Building upon a 30-year career in women’s leadership, Title IX protections, and strategic philanthropy consulting with her firm Changemaker Strategies, Tuti is focused on engaging people in philanthropy and investing to activate their capital with a social justice lens via workshops, coaching, and writing. She is a life-long athlete and point guard. For 15 years, Tuti engaged thousands of activist investors at the Women’s Sports Foundation, Billie Jean King’s charity, where we raised $70 million (1994-2008) to catalyze equal access to all sports for women and girls. After growing up in rural New Hampshire and “jumping class,” Tuti hopes her story and publications inspire women to get in the game of money, influence, and power.

Tuti loves Adasina Social Justice ETF JSTC. She believes there is no barrier to entry and the analysis and approach of their work is led by community driven strategies. She is always learning from Rachel Robasciotti and the team at Adasina.