Sonya Dreizler

Co-Founder, Choir / Author, Speaker, Consultant

Choir/ Self

Sonya is the co-founder of Choir, as well as an author and speaker focused on fostering candid conversations about gender and race in financial services. Sonya believes that financial services in the United States should be reflective of the population of the United States, from entry level to the board room, and all of my work advances that cause. Her professional background of two decades includes 14 years in traditional financial and investment roles, including as CEO of a Broker Dealer and RIA, 6 years as a consultant and speaker, and most recently, co-founder of Choir, a financial services diversity-tech platform. She says it is a pleasure to combine my financial skills and extensive network, with my drive for gender and racial equity. Sonya also is a subject matter expert in ESG – and have been since before it was cool, ha! – and write and speak on that topic.

A favorite quote of Sonya’s is “Imagination fosters real possibilities. If you can’t imagine it, you can’t have it..” – Toni Morrison