Silvia Mah

Managing Partner

Stella Impact Capital

Dr. Silvia Mah is Managing Partner at Stella Impact Capital, a seed-stage venture fund, investing in diverse women founders with deep tech solutions, a founding partner of Ad Astra Ventures, that aims to “get to even” for high achieving women leaders, investors & founders. Focused on “Impact with Integrity”, Dr. Mah is the founder & Chairwoman of Stella Labs, an accelerator for women-owned businesses; founding member of Stella Angels, a female angel investment group; President of Stella Foundation, a national conSTELLAtion of organizations and leaders walking alongside womxn-led businesses from startup to sale and the funders who champion them; Investment Committee member of Next Wave Impact, a social impact venture fund; and an angel investor to over 130 startups who have diverse founders on the leadership team with 6 exits and 1 IPO. Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, Dr. Mah believes in integrating family and work to create a lifestyle that serves both with a strong cup of integrity.

Aquacycl, founded by Orianna Bretschger, is one of Silvia’s most rewarding values-aligned investments because she is a phenomenal scientist who knew she had to learn how to start a company and was very eager and curious to learn and be mentored. She cares deeply for the diverse team she is building, so her leadership style is intensionally uplifting and inclusive and she is building a highly technical product for huge corporations but keeps to a mission of “clean water for all” because she wants to drive the price of her units so far down that it can be sold to third world nations (and most of the water challenges of the world affect women and children the most).