Phuong Luong

Financial Planner and Educator

Just Wealth and Saltbox Financial

Phuong Luong, CFP (she/her) is an educator and financial planner. Phuong specializes in financial planning for individuals and families as well as sustainable investing, with a focus on ESG and regenerative investing — to shift capital from extractive industries toward a solidarity economy. Phuong understands the current and historical barriers to building financial wealth for so many communities in the U.S. This knowledge comes from her experiences as a former teacher and nonprofit professional, a student of financial history and structural/systemic inequality, and from her own upbringing. She recently served as the Chair Emeritus of the CFP Board’s Council on Education, where she advised CFP Board staff on the development of education standards and certification requirements for CFP professionals. Phuong is also a Facilitator for the Boston University Financial Planning Program and a regular contributor to Morningstar, where she writes about financial planning and sustainable investing for an advisor audience.

A favorite quote of Phuong’s is “Financial literacy is incomplete without financial history.”