Patricia Farrar-Rivas

Co-Founder and Former CEO Veris Wealth Partners LLC


Patricia Farrar-Rivas is co-founder and former CEO of Veris Wealth Partners. She is also the Board Chair of 18 Reasons, a San Francisco community focused cooking school, supporting communities to eat good food every day. Patricia has been part of the Impact Investing landscape since 1992. Her work in social justice led her to work in financial services to transition economic and market systems. She lives in Sonoma, California in the United States.  When she is not at the computer, you can find her with my family and friends, out for a walk, in my garden, reading or cooking. Patricia seeks to be of service to BIPOC and female entrepreneurs, climate justice and place based initiatives.

A fun fact about Patricia is that the revolutionary movements in Central American in the 1980s and early 1990s are what led her to Impact Investing. Her careers as a dance teacher/choreography and as a psychiatric technician taught her many skills to apply to wealth management.