Lisa Frusztajer

Investor in Residence

The Capital Network

Lisa spent most of her career working in technology companies both large and small until, about seven years ago, she embarked on her investing journey. Lisa quickly developed an investment thesis focused on supporting companies run by under-represented founders whose mission is to make the world better. Lisa believes that we have tremendous opportunity to provide opportunity and spark innovation by changing the way capital is allocated. We need to educate a new generation of investors and founders, and provide them with the tools to decide what we fund, who we fund, and how we fund. Invest for Better is a key catalyst for inspiring change. Lisa invests through funds and directly, and has served on investment committees.

As a certified coach, Lisa works with founders and business owners to support them on their entrepreneurial journeys. Her approach melds leadership coaching with pragmatic discussions of how to fund and grow a company. The process can be both extremely exciting and extremely challenging, both personally and professionally. Through coaching, Lisa has helped founders handle the inevitable ups and downs with resilience as they develop a vision for how they want to grow as leaders.