Diane Bourdo


The Humphreys Group

There’s nothing more gratifying to Diane, both personally and professionally, than seeing her clients grow in confidence, competence and courage. She joined The Humphreys Group in 1989, became a Principal in 1993, and has been President since 2005. During the last 25-plus years she has been extensively involved in all aspects of her work with clients, tackling investment and financial planning issues. She is particularly passionate about helping women get smarter about money – and to see the ways in which they already have money competence. Diane strongly believes in a culture of continuous learning – whether that applies to investment strategies, new financial planning opportunities or strengthening our team. The combination of her dedication to clients’ positive financial outcomes and her embrace of an experimental mindset has helped her evolve and grow as a team in new ways. In addition to the community service work she does, as a member of the Financial Planning Association, she participates on the pro bono committee that provides financial planning to underserved communities.

One of Diane’s favorite impact investments is Adasina Social Justice All Cap Global ETF (JSTC). It is one of the only funds she is aware of that has built a portfolio of stocks that reflects social justice values and advances progressive movements for change. They focus on racial, gender, economic and climate justice — from both an investment and advocacy framework. She loves the innovation and the opportunity to invest in a fund that considers the biggest challenges of our day.