Domini Impact Bond Funds: What Are They and How Do They Work? with Carole Laible


Investing in bonds – not exactly something we think about very often. For many, it is confusing, a place to safeguard some of our assets, and relatively stable. That story certainly changed last year when the bond market suffered some of their worst returns in history. And that happened at the same time the stock […]

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Prospective Leader Info Session


  Learn more about joining our Spring 2023 Leader Cohort! This session will include a 30-minute overview of the experience and plenty of time for your questions. Register here: Have you already discovered the power of values-aligned investing and want to help other women activate their capital? Have you longed to make the time […]


Ask the Expert: Understanding RoboAdvisors with Emily Green


In addition to providing a women-centered robo-advisory investment platform, Ellevest also offers private financial advisory services to its clients. Emily Green, this month’s financial expert, is the Director of that business line. She has more than a decade of experience in both private and corporate investing banking, and has worked at Cantor Fitzgerald and J.P. Morgan. […]

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Gender Smart Investing – 2023

Overview Philanthropy has long supported women’s funds, childcare centers, girls’ education, access to reproductive health, and women’s safety. In 2009, the field of gender lens, or gender smart, investing began with the question “Can investment capital address gender equity and wellbeing?” The answer has been a resounding “Yes!!” During this course, participants will have the […]

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Values-Align Your Stock Portfolio – 2023

Overview Public equities play a prominent role in most of our investment portfolios. Although many of us have some familiarity with this asset class, we may not understand the breadth of options within the stock market or feel confident making investment decisions. Public equities offer more opportunities for diversification, values-aligned investing, and targeted investing than […]

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Investing in Reproductive Justice with Avary Kent

We were among the majority of women in the United States who were aghast when the Supreme Court overturned Roe vs. Wade, throwing decisions about women’s reproductive rights to State governments and landing us in the current situation of chaos and crisis. It is only because Avary Kent is a colleague that we learned about the opportunity […]

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Ask the Expert: Achieving Impact in the Stock Market with Kristin Hull

A strong supporter of Invest for Better and herself a champion of the movement that is helping women repurpose their money for good, Kristin Hull is always ahead of the pack. When she could not find the gender and sustainability focused stock fund that she wanted for her own portfolio, she decided to build it herself. The […]

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Prospective Member Info Session


The next cohort of Invest for Better Circles launches in April!  Circle Leaders are recruiting members now--and  we're helping new IFB members find the right Circle for them. For women considering joining an Invest for Better Circle, here's an inside look at the Circle experience and the many benefits of Invest for Better membership. Watch Member […]

Place-Based Investing to Close the Racial Wealth Gap with Deborah Frieze & Betty Francisco

Many of us care deeply about the place where we live, but we’re not quite sure how to invest in our own community. Betty Francisco and Deborah Frieze of the Boston Impact Initiative will introduce existing and aspiring impact investors to the role integrated capital can play in building regenerative and equitable local economies. They’ll share stories from BII's experience in […]

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“All In, All Rise Symposium” – ‘All in for Impact: How to use Philanthropy and Impact Investing for Change’

'All in for Impact: How to use Philanthropy and Impact Investing for Change' featuring Ellen Remmer, Invest for Better Also featuring two IFB members - Janell Johnson and Mary Hawkins 'All In, All Rise Symposium' Time: Tuesday, March 28 from 11:00 am - 12:15 pm Speakers:  Maggi Alexander, Partner and Director, The Philanthropic Initiative’s Center for […]

A Personal Journey in Finance with Erin Harkless Moore

We are excited to welcome Erin Harkless Moore to the Invest for Better Activation Series. Erin leads the fund and direct investment program for Pivotal Ventures, an investment company created by Melinda French Gates to advance social progress in the United States. With over a decade and a half of investment experience, building and managing customized portfolios […]

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Ask the Expert: Investing for Racial Justice with Phuong Luong, CFP®

This month’s expert Phuong Luong has been working in the financial industry for more than 10 years as an investment strategist, financial coach, and financial planner. Her expertise includes a focus on the current and historical barriers to financial wealth faced by many communities in the United States. This knowledge grows not only from her […]

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