Deep Dive Courses: A New Offering for Invest for Better Members

Starting in July, Invest for Better is launching 3-month “elective” courses that will complement our signature 6-month core curriculum on values-aligned investing. Like our 6-month Circles, these 3-month experiences will provide curated learning materials and engage women in conversations with other women in small groups that meet every month. They are designed to take participants deeper into topics of interest—and provide the knowledge and confidence to take action. Some courses will follow the self-guided format of the core curriculum, while others will be primarily “live” sessions facilitated by an expert.

Four “Deep Dive Courses” will be available to members in this first round (July-September 2022):

These new offerings allow members to construct a personalized learning journey on a timeline that works for them—choosing a custom sequence from several years’ worth of course content that will be available. Invest for Better will be adding additional Deep Dive Courses every quarter, and members will have another opportunity to take these courses or additional yet-to-be-announced Deep Dives starting in October (and about every three months going forward).

Those enrolled in a 6-month Circle can continue meeting alongside members of their current Circle on these Deep Dive topics—or choose to join a new Circle for this experience. New Invest for Better members with extensive prior experience in values-aligned investing may choose to enroll in Deep Dive courses without having completed the core curriculum (Learn more about this membership option here).

Part of what makes the on-going series of courses so valuable and unique is that they are being developed by industry experts specifically for the IFB community. In between expert sessions, participants can utilize the Invest for Better Mighty Network platform to engage with the course creator, who will monitor – and respond to – questions posed there.

The links above provide additional information about the content and structure of each Deep Dive course, introduce the course creators, and detail the time investment necessary.  In late June we will assemble Circles for each course and specific virtual Circle meeting times will be scheduled based on member availability. To sign up for a Deep Dive course, please complete the Deep Dive Course Enrollment Form as soon as possible. If you have questions, please contact

In addition to the Summer courses above, we have a special course starting in September aimed at young women and their mentors called the Financial Courage Immersion Lab. This course requires separate registration via Eventbrite using the link provided in the Event Description. Additional Deep Dive courses will launch in October as well.