Wealth Podcast – Book Club featuring Janine Firpo

George Grombacher asked Invest for Better Co-founder and author, Janine Firpo on his LifeBlood podcast and spoke to her about her personal life, her work, and why she put pen to paper to write her book, “Activate Your Money”.

Take Back Retirement Podcast – Strategies to Move Toward True Values-Alignment with Your Money

Stephanie McCullough and Kevin Gaines hosted Invest for Better Co-Founder and author Janine Firpo on their Take Back Retirement podcast. They spoke about why impact investing matters and how you can start moving your portfolio into alignment with your values.

Legit Chix Episode 27 – Janine Firpo, Author, Investor & Social Innovator

In this podcast episode, Janine Firpo, Invest for Better Co-Founder and author of “Activate Your Money: Invest to Grow Your Wealth and Build a Better World,” speaks with the women of LegitChix about transforming the relationship that women have with their money and breaking the taboos related to their financial empowerment.

Seattle Angel Conference: “Angels from Venus” Panel Discussion

In this conference, Invest for Better Co-Founder and author of “Activate Your Money: Invest to Grow Your Wealth and Build a Better World,” Janine Firpo discusses her experience with value-aligned investing and specifically speaks about becoming an angel investor.

Veris Wealth Partners: Women, Wealth & Impact

Growing the number of impact investors working to address the world’s most pressing problems has long been part of Veris Wealth Partners’ vision and mission. Co-Founders Janine Firpo and Ellen Remmer were asked questions about Invest for Better and their approach to growing an impact movement focused on empowering women investors.

Theodora Speaks – Reinventing Yourself to Align to Your Values and Investment Portfolio

Our co-founder, Janine Firpo, left a 35+ year career in technology and international development to focus on how women can create a more just and equitable society through their financial investments. She adds angel investor and social entrepreneur to her list of career reinventions. Janine sat down with Gayle Keller on her podcast, Theodora Speaks, to her book, Activate Your Money, and debunks myths around women and financial empowerment.

Book Passages: Janine Firpo with Tanja Hester – Activate Your Money

In Activate Your Money, our co-founder, Janine Firpo, provides the foundational support women need to talk to each other about their money, invest to grow their wealth, and to take the actions required to shift their assets into alignment with their values. She was featured on Book Passage with Tanja Hester to discuss her book.

Lebec Consulting: Interview with Janine Firpo & Ellen Remmer | Women We’ve Been Waiting For

Janine Firpo and Ellen Remmer, our co-founders sat down with Lebec Consulting to talk about why women shouldn’t shy away from investing, but instead gravitate toward it—particularly impact investing—and how they actually make some of the most impactful and successful investors when they do.

Equity Trust: Women and Values-Aligned Investing with Janine Firpo

Our co-founder, Janine Firpo sat down for an exclusive interview with Mae Szippl of Equity Trust.

Topics they discussed include:

  • Janine’s book, Activate Your Money: Invest to Grow Your Wealth and Build a Better World, and how she works to help women feel good about their financial decisions and align their investments with their values.
  • The importance of values-aligned investing
  • The most held beliefs women have around money that may be sabotaging them from saving and investing
  • Why do you women may tend to undermine themselves more so than men when it comes to investing
  • The dynamics around how women currently invest and the potential they have to help change the world for the better based on their investment choices

Capital Musings: Activate Your Money: How Women Can Take Control of Their Wealth

Our co-founder, Janine Firpo, discusses her varied career in tech, microfinance and international development and explains how her new book Activate Your Money: Invest to Grow Your Wealth and Build a Better World lays out a road map for women to empower themselves.