Activate Your Money: A Webinar Series to Move You From Knowledge to Action- Session 1

Social Venture Circle and the American Sustainable Business Council are pleased to present a 3-part webinar series led by Janine Firpo, co-founder of Invest for Better and author of “Activate Your Money: Invest to Grow Your Wealth and Build a Better World.” This series will take you on an impact journey across your entire portfolio, and leave you with tangible actions you can take to put your money to work for you and for the world.

Session 1: Prerequisites for 100% Portfolio Alignment

Any kind of investing starts with an understanding of the purpose of money in our lives. What does it do for us? For others? And how can we maximize our return across several vectors?

The first session in the series on values-aligned investing will start with a brief discussion of these concepts. It will explain what values-aligned investing is, how it works across all asset classes, and will introduce you to a simple framework that you can use to identify the values you want to drive your investment decisions.

Then this interactive workshop will move into a discussion of asset allocation, using real world examples to show the varying choices investors are making to achieve both financial and social return. We will the initial sessions by introducing participants to an Investment Policy Statement. The IPS is an excellent way to articulate your investment goals and objectives. You can use the IPS alone or in partnership with family members, financial advisors, and other professionals to simplify the investment process and bring clarity to your financial decisions. During the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to start filling out their own IPS.

Activate Your Money: A Webinar Series to Move You From Knowledge to Action- Session 1 from ASBN on Vimeo.