2023 Membership Renewals

As a current Invest for Better (IFB) member, you know that our offerings give women the confidence, skills, and encouragement to use their investment assets to influence things they care about. Most IFB members start by either joining or leading a Circle – small, peer-led group of women who are committed to increasing their personal knowledge and participation in values-aligned and impact investing.

As you get involved with IFB, you quickly realize how much more we offer. With a Circle registration, members get a full year to take advantage of our offerings which include: 3-month Deep Dive courses, advanced network building on our membership platform, live events and training on specific topics, and discounted partner-sponsored services conferences and events.



As we start the new year, we’re asking you to renew your membership with IFB and commit to growing the larger movement. We’re also offering some new benefits in 2023 to help you deepen your knowledge and move your money.

The member renewal fee of $100 is a tax-deductible donation that goes toward supporting the larger movement.

We invite you to partner with us as we build and grow this platform for action.